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Who can join?

Basically, anyone interested in contributing to the project and who isn't considered a negative influence by site management. Unless you do something very stupid you're probably fine. New content like new species, new factions, worlds, technologies, bits of history, culture and things along those lines are always welcome.

Sign up below. Wikidot doesn't notify the admins of applications, so please send a PM to one of them so they can accept your application. Then have a look at the Newbie Guidance page.

Note, however, that by submitting content to this wiki, you agree to make that content part of the setting. Due to the interconnected nature of a wiki, it is often near-impossible to completely remove all traces of something, so unless the majority of the community agrees to hunt down every single reference, anything you submit will remain part of the setting, even if you've reconsidered and would rather remove it. If you really want something removed, you can either contact an administrator. We'd rather you don't do it by hand yourself because removing your content may invalidate work others have done that builds upon it.

Another disclaimer, due to the small size and non-profit nature of the project, the illustrations we use are generally scavenged from around the internet and often technically copyrighted. If the artist ever requests us to do so we will immediately take down the offending images, to the extent that we can find them.