Taurus Class Cruiser

The Taurus Class Cruiser is the true workhorse of the Taurus Corporation's navy. It is the largest mass produced ship by Taurus Corporation Shipyards, and is one of the more advance ship models they manufacture. Although the model is relatively new, coming into use within the last two decades, it has become extremely widespread. When in the Taurus Sector, the presence of these ships is generally recognised as a symbol of strong Corporation control.


Name/Designation: Taurus Class
Class: Cruiser
Manufacturer: Taurus Corporation Shipyards
First Produced: 4481
Retired/Decommissioned: N/A
Crew: 67

  • 616 metres long
  • 134 metres tall


The Taurus Class Cruiser is manufactured by Taurus Corporation Shipyards, and is therefore a direct product of the Taurus Corporation itself. While the Corporation generally builds these ships for personal use, they are availble on the market for both private and government clients.

Role in the Fleet

The Taurus Class is typically the Corporation's first response to any call for aid thanks to its remarkable versatility. The ship boasts a good balance of speed and maneuverability to firepower and endurance, allowing it to effectively handle a range of hostile encouters both with support or without.