Taurus Founding

The Taurus Founding, simply refered to as 'The Founding' in the Taurus Sector, refers to the period marking the rise of the Taurus Corporation and its acquisition of several local colonies. Specifically, it refers to a 35 year campaign, starting in 2840 and ending in 2875, which involved the conquest of thirteen warring human colonies by the burgeoning Taurus Corporation. These founding colonies would go on to provide the economic, industrial and military backbone of what is now known as the Taurus Sector.

Within Taurus space, the Founding is a historical story of great national pride, used to show the strong military foundations of the Corporation, and covey a sense of superiority over lesser human nations. Outside the Taurus Sector however, the Founding is often used as a cautionary tale to express the potential dangers of Megacorporations, and espouse the need for nations to stand together, lest they fall to unseen and opportunistic enemies.

Colonies Acquired in the Founding