Tempest Sphere

The Tempest Sphere is the area of space centred North-East the core, officially and unofficially having no central area of which to place them. Living up to it's name, the Sphere is in a constant state of strife and chaos, as the half-dozen superpowers fight for domination, leaving the more numerable minor factions to either join a side, or be destroyed in the ensuing carnage. While the Core and parts of the middle-systems are in chaos, the outer-middle and Far-Reach systems are peaceful and tranquil, and give minor factions and colonists fleeing the chance to have a safe place to settle.

The turbulent nature of the Tempest Sphere is well known amongst the greater galactic community. In the past, the Etresi Imperium even sought to capitalise on the division and animosity within the Sphere and launched one of the largest invasions in galactic history. However, whilst the Tempest Sphere may at first glance appear to be an easy target, in practice this is not so. The divided and chaotic climate of the Sphere may allow it to be easily taken, but holding anything more than a small part of it for a long period is almost impossible.

Major Factions of the Tempest Sphere:

Minor Factions of the Tempest Sphere: