Tepazin I Etresi

-Reign Information-

Title(s): Emperor Tepazin I Etresi, Guardian of the Imperial Sphere and Defender of the Imperium
Predecessor: Edtasthat Etresi the Great
Coronation: 2816
Co-Rulers/Regency Council:
Reign: 2816-2831
Successor: Tepazin II Etresi the Reformer

-Personal Information-

Full Name:Tepazin Amadresh Etresi
House: House Etresi/Imperial-Etresi's
Date of Birth: 2769
Father: Edtasthat Etresi the Great
Mother: Shojan Amadresh
Consort(s): Kaera Tasurma
Issue(s): Tepazin II Etresi the Reformer, Nayam Etresi
Date of Death:2831
Religion: Athiest


Early Life

Early Reign

Late Reign


Timeline of Events