Tepazin II Etresi The Reformer

-Reign Information-


Title(s): Emperor Tepazin II Etresi The Reformer, Guardian of the Imperial Sphere and Defender of the Imperium, Founder of New Vachik and creator of the Imperial Demesne
Predecessor: Tepazin I Etresi
Coronation: 2831
Co-Rulers/Regency Council: Nayam Etresi 2862-2866, Nasara I Etresi 2880-2887
Reign: 2831-2887
Successor: Nasara I Etresi

-Personal Information-

Full Name: Tepazin Tasurma Etresi
House: House Etresi/Imperial Etresi's
Date of Birth 2800
Homeworld: Privakani
Father: Tepazin I Etresi
Mother: Kaera Tasurma
Consort(s): Orissa Sorres, Lassar Varssen
Issue(s): Nasara I Etresi
Date of Death 2887 (87 years)
Religion: Athiest


Early Life

Tepazin II Etresi was born on Privakani only several weeks after his grandfather was crowned as Emperor of the Etresi Imperium. Yet unlike most of his family Tepazin did not remain on Privakani for long, spending most of his early years traveling the Imperium with his father. As ever since his uncle Corram Etresi's suspicious death relations between his father and grandfather were strained. So his father Tepazin I spent many years touring the Imperium visiting many worlds that were often ignored by the Imperial Government on Privakani. As a result Tepazin grew up aloof from court politics and was constantly lectured by his father never to trust what he called "lick-spittle courtiers".

As a result Tepazin was removed from affairs on Privakani from a young age, and formed few friends other than his younger brother Nayam during this period. This traveling lifestyle came to a sudden end when Edasthat Etresi died, and his father was proclaimed Emperor. Quickly shuffled into the prestigious Devire University on Old Vachik, Tepazin II spent the next five years studying a variety of topics, before eventually graduating in 2821 with a Economics Degree.

Shortly after graduating his father appointed Tepazin II his personal representative in the Vachik Commonwealth General Assembly, where he served for almost ten years during which he formulated many ideas on restoring the Etresi Imperium to what he saw as the golden age of the Vachik during the early Commonwealth era. He was highly enthusiastic in his role and was responsible for pushing the Vachik Commonwealth to finally integrate into the Etresi Imperium.

Early Reign

Shortly after his father died Tepazin II rushed home from Old Vachik to the Imperial Capital at Privakani to forestall any attempts to prevent his coronation as Emperor. For his father was an unpopular leader abrasive and heavy handed in his rule, which left him few friends in the Imperium and even fewer on Privakani. Rumors abounded shortly that the Emperors death was a pre-courser to a larger coup against the Etresi's and their Imperium. This cast an ominous pall over Tepazin's Coronation which was a small modest affair compared to his predecessors.

Shortly after being crowned Tepazin II began clearing house fearful of any potential military or political coup. During this period all ,but three of his fathers twenty two ministers were sacked, being replaced by friends of Tepazin or outsiders removed from the politics on Privakani. Tepazin continued on to purge most of the Imperial High Command, which at this point was comprised primarily of ancient commanders that served under his grandfather or political toadies appointed by his father. In response he brought in many younger officers including his brother Nayam, who he promoted to Admiral. Many of these leaders would be found sorely lacking however during the Revolts of 2851. However they provided Tepazin with a Carte Blanche to pursue his own goals as Emperor.

The first of these was to establish a new Capital for the Imperium as a whole. While Privakani was a wealthy and important world it was not ideally suited to be an Imperial Capital. It was bound up in history as the Capital of the Privakani Sector during the Commonwealth era, and the Privakani military district of the Integerrum. Tepazin saw the Etresi Imperium as the future of Vachik Civilization and it needed a newly constructed grand capital to reflect that. As a result the next several years were spent analyzing the prospective sites eventually deciding to move the Imperial Capital to the garden world of Saphori, which was promptly re-named New Vachik.

During this time he met and married Orissa Sorres a fellow graduate from the Devire University on Old Vachik, and the daughter of the Imperial Treasurer. Over the next decade most of Tepazin's efforts were directed into construction projects on New Vachik. While also colonizing or annexing the surrounding star systems into what he termed the "Imperial Demesne". Taxes from these worlds would provide money and soldiers directly to the Imperial Government and were to be managed by appointed officials rather than local strongmen or politicians to ensure loyalty to the Emperor. Rather than the vague and highly variable tithes levied on most worlds throughout the Imperium at this time. Shortly after the move to New Vachik was completed Tepazin's only child and heir, Nasara Etresi was born. This was met with much fanfare and celebration in the new Capital where the initial projects had finally ended.

His streak of easy successes came to an end Tepazin II announced his plans to re-draw the Imperial Borders to more closely resemble the old system of Sectors and Sub-Sectors used by the Old Vachik Commonwealth. Tepazin II believed that by changing the organization of the Empire it would become vastly easier to govern and more importantly tax. However this announcement lead to an unexpected uproar in protest by various worlds and leaders who feared the new system would marginalize or remove them from power. Negotiations began to break down by 2850 as both the Emperor and local leaders refused to agree on any revisions to the Imperial Decree. Frustrated by his subjects refusal to follow his directives Tepazin began marshaling loyalist forces to New Vachik in preparation for a potential military campaign.

In 2851 dozens worlds declared independence from the Etresi Imperium beginning the Revolts of 2851, with little support from his vassals and allies. Tepazin was forced to rely on his untested Imperial Military Service forces and unwilling regimental levies to help bring the rebellion to heel. Intercommunication between different units was difficult and varying rank and classification structure lead to some crushing defeats early in the war. However while things did improve after 2853 the war had effectively become a stalemate. With both Tepazin and the rebels exhausting their military forces, and facing ever dwindling public support they were desperate to find a solution to this crisis.

By 2858 both sides had had enough and returned to the negotiating table. It took a year of tough negotiating to hammer out various details as both sides were unwilling to budge. Tepazin in his stubbornness was only convinced to compromise due to pleas by both his wife and brother. Eventually the rebels agreed that Tepazin's sector program would be passed through, without the centrally appointed governors, instead the sub sectors and sectors would choose their own leaders and representatives to be sent to New Vachik. These representatives along with other figures would form the Advisory Council, who would help the Emperor rule the Imperium in the interest of the people. (Ultimately however the Advisory Council would degenerate into the Council Lords in less than a generation after Tepazin's death).

Late Reign

In 2861 Tax Reforms are implemented by Tepazin with help of the Council Lords, replacing the vague system of tithes and levies instituted by his grandfather with a general system of taxes to be paid by both citizens and worlds of the Imperium. These reforms were welcomed by many as the previous Tithe system was rife for corruption and abuse by the collectors. However shortly after the reforms were passed Orissa Sorres became deathly ill, becoming sicker and sicker before finally passing into a coma and dying in 2866. Her decline and eventual death threw Tepazin into a depression who withdrew from politics naming his brother Nayam Regent during this period. However following advice from his brother, Tepazin returned to New Vachik in 2867. Shortly after returning he was pressured to remarry by his advisers, eventually taking Lassar Varssen as a Consort.

The last major piece of legislation Tepazin passed during his reign was the Imperial military Standards Act in 2875 where he attempted to re-organize the military forces available to the Emperor and increase their professionalism, which was found severely lacking during the revolts he faced earlier in his reign when he tried to re-organize the Imperium into sectors and sub-sectors. He simply could not rely on the widely varying qualities and structure of the Regimental levies provided by either his vassals or the worlds of the newly created Imperial Demesne.

To improve the quality of his troops Emperor Tepazin began reforming the Office Schools and Training camps located throughout the Imperium. Ranking the pre-existing military colleges throughout the Imperium Tepazin and his generals began issuing charters to schools throughout the Imperium, in addition to founding many new institutions most importantly the Imperial Military College on New Vachik. For training camps they created a standardized training regimen for new soldiers and established a series of military training camps throughout the Imperial Demesne, and on important hub worlds throughout the Imperium.

The next major improvement was standardizing the ranks and force organization of the Imperial Army and Fleet, creating a standardized system of ranks to present a clear chain of command between units and their commanders. To prevent the re-Occurance of serious issues during the revolts of 3851 that lead to units and ships being wiped out due to misinterpreted strength, or commands disobeyed due to confusing rank structure. As 2879 drew to a close the flagship institution of Tepazin's military reforms The Imperial War College opened its doors.

This inauguration would be one of the last public appearances made by Emperor Tepazin. For shortly later in in early 2880 he was crippled by a stroke that severely hampered his ability to govern the Imperium. Suffering brain damage from the stoke, Tepazin in one of his last acts proclaimed his daughter and heir Nasara Etresi Co-Emperor in 2881 to govern the Empire in his name. While slowly slipping away over the 2880's his daughter effectively governed the Empire with only occasional inputs from her father during his few moments of lucidity. By 2887 Tepazin had fallen into a coma from which he would no longer awaken, the decision was made to take him off life support was made by his closest friend and brother Nayam Etresi.


Tepazin the Reformer is generally regarded as one of the greatest Emperors in Vachik history. He took the loose association of alliances and conquests of his grandfather and turned them into a cohesive political entity. He moved the Imperial Capital from Privikani to New Vachik, and formed nearby star systems into the Imperial Demesne which would provide taxes to support the Emperor and his governing courts. To help govern the realm he re-organized the patchwork of small interstellar states into a system of sectors and sub-sectors based off of the old Vachik Commonwealth model, and used representatives of these new sub-sectors and sectors to form the Council Lords to take some of the burden of ruling off the Emperors shoulders. In addition he passed the Imperial Military Standards Act which totally reformed the Imperial Military Service established by his grandfather. Setting up a series of Imperial Military Academy's and Training Camps to standardize training for Officers and recruits entering the IMS. In addition to streamlining the Imperial Organization by standardizing ranks and ship classes.

Timeline of Events

2800CE: Tepazin is born several weeks after Edasthat Etresi is crowned Emperor of the Etresi Imperium.

2816CE: His father Tepazin I Etresi is crowned Emperor of the Etresi Imperium, Tepazin II is enrolled in the prestigious Devire University on Old Vachik.

2821CE: After graduating from Devire University Tepazin is appointed as his fathers representative on the Vachik Commonwealths General Assembly.

2831CE: Tepazin is crowned Emperor following the death of his father.

2834CE: Tepazin marries Orrissa Sorres

2837CE: After searching for several years and consolidating his rule Tepazin begins moving the Imperial Capital from Privakani to New Vachik, a more central location in the Imperial Sphere.

2840CE: Nasara Etresi is born, the only child of Tepazin.

2844CE: Construction begins on the Imperial Capital at New Vachik. Tepazin begins folding nearby worlds into the Imperial Demesne, worlds directly under control of the Emperor.

2849CE: Tepazin enacts his next plan which is to form the Imperium's territory into a system of of sectors and sub-sectors based on the old system created in the later years of the Vachik Commonwealth.

2851-2857CE: Revolts of 2851 occurred when Tepazin II began re-organizing the Imperium into a system based around sectors and sub-sectors. Removing many entrenched warlords and alliances that were conquered or absorbed by his Grandfather. Numerous disasters occurred where Imperial Forces took extremely heavy casualties due to poor horrible organization and poor training.

2858-2860CE: To convince the revolting worlds and leaders to lay down their arms Tepazin forms the Council Lords shedding some of his personal power for long term Imperial Stability and accept his plan to re-organize the Imperium.

2861CE: Tax Reforms are implemented by Tepazin with help of the Council Lords, replacing the vague system of tithes and levies instituted by his grandfather with a general system of taxes to be paid by both citizens and worlds of the Imperium.

2866CE: Orissa Sorres dies, Emperor Tepazin retreats into seclusion for most of the year eventually remarrying Lassar Varssen.

2875CE: Tepazin and his Generals enact the Imperial Military Standards Act, which begin a reformation the Imperial Military Service.

2879CE: The Imperial War College is founded on New Vachik as the flagship institution of Tepazin's military reforms.

2880CE: Tepazin is incapacitated by a stroke. His daughter Nasara Etresi is declared Co-Emperor and manages the Empire with little input from her father.

2888CE: At the age of 87 years Tepazin dies, leaving behind an Empire very different from what he inherited from his father and grandfather.