Terran Association Of Interstellar Commerce

The TAIC is one of the largest trade organisations if the inner Terran Sphere, including some of the largest economic powers of the core and the rimward inner hinterlands, including the vast wealth of the Solar Union and the Taurus Corporation. It was founded halfway during the Consolidation in 3848, and by the turn of the millenium it was the main international economic entity of the inner Terran Sphere.

Constitution principles

  • Provide a forum for cooperation on interstellar monetary and trading problems.
  • Promote free trade through it's members with advisory sections.
  • If needed, provide economic advisors and specialists to help members in an economic crisis.
  • Facilitate the growth of interstellar trade, thus promoting job creation, economic growth, and poverty reduction.
  • Promote exchange rate stability and an open system of interstellar payments.
  • Lend members foreign exchange when needed, on a temporary basis and under adequate safeguards, to help them address balance of payments problems.