Terran Sphere

The Terran Sphere is the area of settled space centered on Terra. Perhaps unusually, despite being one of the most uniform Spheres in the galaxy in regards to species diversity, the Terran Sphere is also one of the most divided Spheres in the galaxy, counting over half a dozen polities capable of calling themselves a superpower, and countless more minor entities. Several of the superpowers, most notably the Solar Union, are trying to re-unite the sphere, particularly in the wake of the The Great Enlightenment Crusade. Although true unification of the Sphere seems unlikely due to the vast gulf in ideologies between its many factions, the unity shown amongst them in response to The Great Enlightenment Crusade has proved the Terran Sphere to be no easy target.

Major polities of the sphere:

Minor but notable polities of the sphere:

Notable historical polities: