The Brotherhood of Zaltiel

The Brotherhood of Zaltiel (BoZ) represent one of the Tempest Sphere's 3 major powers, and is comprised mainly of the Zaltiel. Like all powers within the Tempest Sphere, the Brotherhood struggles to protect and maintain against the constant turbulence of the region, which makes military strength a considerable priority for them. However, while the brotherhood understands the need for military protection in such a violent political climate, it is not a war-like nation.

Zaltiel are well known to be level headed and patient on a personal level, and their politcal leaders are no different. The Brotherhood preaches the need for stability in the Tempest Sphere, and a unification of its major powers against the regions many threats. While this may be a hopeless goal, the Zaltiel still diligently try to act in the interests of the Tempest Sphere as a whole, often assisting the other factions when they require it (whether they ask for it or not). Although the Brotherhood still has tense relations with the Knesp Empire after the Zaltiel War Of Independence.



Star Systems

  • 112 inhabited planets
  • 207 inhabited Moons
  • Over 1.5 thousand space stations


Capital: Ondan, Irori System
Type: Socialist Democracy
Chief Governing Body: The Senate
Head of State: High Chancellor
Notable Government Agencies:

Civilian Information

Population: 58 Billion

Species: Zaltiel

Religion: No true religions but various spiritual sects

Lifespan: 130 years, unaugmented

Languages: Ondar


Type: Free Market
Currency: tba
General Imports: Arms, Starships
General Exports: Psionic Amplifiers


Although the Zaltiel make use of typical Tachyon based FTL comms, they also utilize advanced psionic FTL communication arrays to communicate with other Zaltiel. These comm arrays are found aboard most Zaltiel manufactured spacecraft and can be used by anyone with sufficient psionic ability.


The Brotherhood of Zaltiel as it is now understood didn't technically come into being until the Zaltiel's first contact with the Knesp Empire. Until this point, the Zaltiel had not considered the idea of existing in distinct factions. This mindset was likely an artefact of having evolved in the cave systems of Ondan, where drawing distinct geographical boundaries to separate populations would have proved difficult. Regardless, their appearance on the galactic stage prompted them to give a name to their species. In Anglic, the name roughly translates to 'Brotherhood'.

Unfortunately, nomenclature would be the least of the Brotherhood's problems following their emergence onto the galactic stage. Given the Knesp Empire's close proximity, the Brotherhood was quickly absorbed into their growing empire. However, this arrangement didn't last, and as the Knesp began to lose holdings to the Tempest Sphere's other factions, the Zaltiel rebelled and pushed the Knesp out of their home system at the cost of heavy civilian casualties.

In the centuries following, the Zaltiel have risen to hold considerable influence within the Tempest sphere, both economically and politically. Their production of many high end psionic technologies is a economic niche which has brought the Brotherhood considerable wealth. However, in terms of holdings and man power the Brotherhood is still notably smaller than many of the Tempest Sphere's influencial factions.

Contemporary Life in the Brotherhood

The Zaltiel are a level headed and liberal minded people. Their society, government, and personal lives are all honest, democratic, and open affairs. Amongst members of their own species this makes secrets and privacy a rarity, as most Zaltiel look to their family and community for guidance in all things. Moreover such issues are always met with calm, sensible discussion, even in situations of conflict resolution. In a society full of relatively powerful psionics, the Zaltiel learned early on that most issues are better resolved openly and calmly before they escalate to violence. Resultantly, it is extremely difficult to anger a Zaltiel, often to the ire of other species.

In a similar manner, Zaltiel do not express other emotions perticularly strongly either. It's unclear whether this is intentional due to the belief that those emotions could equally lead to dangerous outbursts, or whether all Zaltiel emotions have simply dimmed. Again, this is a trait that many other species are often unsettled by, which likely explains their relative scarcity on Ondan.