The Consolidation

The Consolidation was an era starting at the end of the Frontier Revolution in 3755 and ending somewhere around the end of the 4th millenium. It was a period where the nations at the core of the Terran Sphere were primarily occupied with consolidating their holdings. During this time many long-term projects were started and completed that had previously been neglected in favour of more short-term issues. Many worlds were terraformed and the core saw a large population boom, alongside large economic growth and the establishment of border agreements, trade treaties and alliances.

The Consolidation is largely a direct result of the Frontier Revolution, as its outcome caused the end of the 700-year expansionist period of the Solar Union. This allowed civilisation that had previously been forced to migrate outwards every few centuries in order to maintain independance to finally settle down for the long run. However, with the Union now turning its focus inwards, a power vaccuum was left in the outer core. Notably, this resulted in fairly little violent conflict, with most factions opting to use political and economical pressure to achieve their goals instead. The fierceness and bureaucracy of these conflicts has led to the Consolidation sometimes being reffered to as 'The Age of Lawyers'.

A large part of the current status quo for the Core in terms of international relations, borders and balance of power dates back to the Consolidation, making it a period of great historical and political importance.