The Department of External Affairs

The Department of External Affairs (DEA) is the youngest of the Taurus Corporation's three major intelligence agencies. It functions in a manner similar to the Galactic Surveillance Agency in that the DEA operates outwith the Taurus Sector, and parallels are often drawn between the two organisations. However, unlike the GSA, the DEA works closely with the local governments of sectors they're working in and lack the autonomous structure of their brother agency. In general, the DEA is a more expansive agency, capable of dealing with the thousands of security risks that the GSA lacks the manpower to investigate, but inevitably suffers from a slow moving bureaucratic command structure.


Date of Formation:
Central Headquarters: Diligentia Prime
Current Administrator: Charles Bateman
Annual Budget:


The DEA was formed 122 years after the formation of the GSA, after it became apparent that the GSA had evolved into an organisation far removed from a typical intelligence agency. While the GSA is run by and recruits only exceptional military personnel, the DEA will recruit agents from all walks of life as long as they can pass the agency's strict entrance exam.

The organisation's first ever Administrator was noted politician, and former Diligentian Chief of Police, Arthur Morse who had originally pushed for the agency's establishment. The organisation has had several administrators in the centuries following its formation, each expanding the agency and remaining true to Morse's founding concepts.


Unlike the GSA, or even the Corporate Interests Bureau, the ratio of administrative jobs in the DEA to actual field agents is heavily skewed in favour of the former. Analysts, accountants and researchers outweigh the number of active field agents by a large margin. However, the DEA still has the highest number of active field agents out of all three Taurus Corporation intelligence agencies. Understandably, the organisation is now somewhat of a bloated, bureaucratic mess.


The DEA aims to protect foreign corporate interests and the security of the Taurus Sector as a whole. Within the Taurus Sector itself, DEA agents have very little power, deferring such investigations to the CIB. However, outside Taurus space DEA activity is much higher, and has spread throughout many of the galaxy's spheres of influence. Field offices for the DEA can be found throughout the Terran Sphere and on several alien worlds.

Unlike the GSA, who routinely perform clandestine operations deep within both enemy and allied territory, the DEA is bound by more strict regulations. Instead, the DEA tends to work closely with local governments and their own intelligence agencies when investigating corporate matters in foreign sectors. This often provides roadblocks for DEA agents as they are also forced to obey local humanitarian conventions. Given that the use of torture as an means of interrogation is legal in the Taurus Sector, DEA agents often dislike working with more humanitarian governments as it hinders the speed of their work.