The First Diaspora

The first Diaspora is an era in the history of the terran sphere which sees the rise of interstellar colonies.
The era officially starts with the surrender of the Jovian Coalition at the end of the Jovian war. With the Sol system united under the banner of the Solar Union, those wanting to live under another banner where left with nowhere to go but the stars. This triggered an explosion of interstellar colonisation efforts, something greatly stimulated by the Directorate of Emigration.

The first Diaspora ends with the completion of the Millenium Policy Referendum in 3000, which triggered the Solar Union's interstellar expansion.

The first Diaspora is characterised by the rise of a myrad of small colonial system- or world states. Colonies were growing rapidly due to the wide availability of suitable real estate and the easy trade routes leading back to Sol. The first of what are now the outer Core nations began forming near the end of this period.

The First Diaspora also saw the first interstellar wars, although by today's standards they would be considered minor skirmishes at most. The majority of the conflicts were, or started as, linelayer wars.

Major events in the first Diaspora:

Important factions during the first Diaspora