The Great Library of Eisai

The Great Library of Eisai is quite likely the largest collection of combinied knowledge in the entire galaxy. Its colossal archives contain data on and from every known species, nation, and organisation in the galaxy. The library's records cover everything from early 16th century human history to Knesp evolutionary biology to Pontik trade regulations. All information is freely available to visitors, and many records are available for download. This, and the upkeep of the library is made possible by the donations of both the general public and several government organisations throughout the galaxy.

The library itself is based on the planet of Eisai in the Sykun system, a planet owned by the Dojarik. The Dojarik themselves were the founders of the library and remain responsible for its day to day running. Given the Dojarik's somewhat reclusive nature as a species, the great library is often the only place many people will encounter them. Never the less, the Dojarik remain welcoming of all species that venture to the great library and seem keen to continue archiving the many facets of the universe.


The Great Library was supposedly founded in 1266CE by the Dojarik during a stage of their civilisation similar to the human 'Renaissance'. Understandably, it originally housed records pertaining to the history and culture of the Dojarik people. However, as the Dojarik were one of the earlier species to be hit by the Enlightenment and develop FTL travel, they soon began to explore their local region (now known as the Tysian Sphere). In this time, the Dojarik expanded the library to contain information on the many locations, species, and general phenomena that they discovered while exploring the stars.