The Great Uplifting

When the Vachik expanded into what became known as the Far Reaches during the Golden Age of the Etresi Imperium they came across around a dozen or so sapient species. None of these primitive peoples had developed spaceflight and their civilizations ranged from eras resembling the early Neolithic to the Rennesian's and their early "Bronze Age" Civilization. These sapient species were protected by an Imperial Decree enacted by the Amati Emperors who wanted to avoid potentially destroying these species through outside conflict.

However after Sazin Vonsachin established his control of the Etresi Imperium, he decided that a policy of uplifting these technologically inferior species should commence, a slow and gradual ,but at the same time greatly accelerated process which would see hunter gatherer tribes transformed into a space faring species within a milennia, faster for the more developed species like the Rennesian.

Gradually technology and ideas were disseminated to the populations by a variety of messages be it messengers posing as gods, visions abductions, caches etc. many methods were used and not all of them stressful. Two of the species were wiped out by microbes accidentally released into their environmental, and another species self destructed in a series of brutal wars brought on by the advanced technology at their disposal. However other species such as the Rennesian managed to successfully adapt to the rapid changes in their society, and by the 5300's had managed to establish their first stellar colonies and make first contact with the Imperium.

Sazin intended to use these societies to maintain control over the far flung reaches of his Empire, the Vachik state of the Etresi Imperium had simply grown to large to easily manage, especially the vast expanses of sparsely populated colonies within the Far Reaches thousands of light years away from New Vachik.