The Nexus

The station began construction in the 2580s, to act as a seat of official corporate oversight of assets in Sirius, most particularly those situated on Big Comet. In time the station’s importance (and its physical size) has grown. Each cylinder is approximately 36 kilometers long and 12 kilometers in diameter. These, coupled with the central node, make the station just over 90 kilometers in length.


It serves as a gathering point for hundreds of solar collector arrays that gather usable energy, and redirects it to dozens of other habitats throughout the system. It also uses a good deal of that energy to power its own systems. The station boasts a dozen massive malleiic rotors capable of storing a surplus of energy large enough to feed the grid for a week. This has been used in the past when the arrays went offline for reasons of maintenance, accidents, or outright attacks.

Due to the lack of any practical habitable world in the system, the Nexus has quickly taken on the role of capital of the Sirius system. In addition to headquarters of the corporations active in the system, the station houses hundreds of embassies and diplomatic establishments.


The station has no windows, but uses the power beamed to it from the arrays to create illumination through the primary axis running through both rotating modules.