The Power Company

When energy is the most important resource, and there is only one group selling it, 'Power Company' takes on a whole new meaning.

The Power Company is a small nation in the Sagittarius Gulf.



Star Systems: 7

  • Planets 36
  • Moons 67
  • Space stations 98


Capital: Corona, Morgan
Type: Corporate Socialism
Chief Governing Body: Board of High Directors
Head of State: Chairman Nguno Strelkinov
Notable Government Agencies:

  • Directorate of Production
  • Directorate of Defense

Civilian Information

Population: 93 million

Species: Human, some alters

Religion: Varied

Lifespan: 100-150

Languages: Gulf Jovian


Type: Centralised capitalism
Currency: Energy Credit
General Imports: SEMs, high technology
General Exports: raw materials, high density energy storage units


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The Sagittarius Gulf was never rich in energy, so power companies have been influential from the start. The Power Company was a result of a series of mergers that resulted in a company with a complete monopoly on the power supply in several systems. It was a only a short time before they bought out the government and introduced corporate socialism.

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