The Ravager

The Ravager is, to most, little more than a legend. It is the story of a Shrike vessel of unimaginable size and power; a vessel which would descend upon a colony and wipe it out in a matter of hours, taking thousands prisoner. The darker versions of the myth tell of the unspeakable horrors that befall those the vessel takes prisoner.

Understandably, this is a threat that no government takes seriously. It is well known that the Shrike Collective attack fledgling colonies, supposedly taking prisoners in the process. Most accept that the legend of the Ravager is simply born from exaggerations of these stories. While many suggest that the Ravager is, in fact, a metaphor for the Shrike's raiding parties.

However, there are scraps of evidence that there may be more to this ghost story than meets the eye. Many vessels which have entered Shrike controlled space, or the orbit of recently attacked colonies (and lived) report seeing unusual readings. Many claim their sensors pick up the signature of a vessel many times larger than a standard dreadnought. While this is typically written off as a technical malfuction, the prevalence of this same phenomenon is certainly unusual, and has yet to be truly explained.

Whether the Ravager is real or fictional, most will argue that it would still be no match for the co-ordinated navies of even a minor power anyway. While this may be the case, if the Shrike have managed to construct such a vessel, it stands to reason that it may not be the only one they choose to build. Although some suggest that the Ravager (if real) is unlikely to be a Shrike construction and could plausibly be some form of Clarketech. This theory is largely unpopular, but that may be more because the idea of the Shrike possessing something so powerful is a situation few can bear to contemplate.