The Second Diaspora

The Second Diaspora is an era in the history of the Terran Sphere characterised by the large-scale expansion of the Solar Union. The era officially starts with the completion of the Millenium Policy Referendum in 3000CE, which began the aforemention expansion.

In the Core, much of the politics in the era revolved around wether or not to join the Solar Union peacefully and willingly or to try and resist, flee or otherwise avoid integration. The constant flow of anti-Union emigrants leaving Union space thanks to the Directorate of Emigration meant that opinions on the Union in the surrounding regions was often negative, often leading to conflict.

Another important trend in the era was the many successor colonies of nations moving a few hundred light years outward every few centuries, often coming into conflict with whoever already lived in the space they moved into, although low population densities kept many of these conflicts from becoming particularly violent.

Near the edges and outside of the Core, the first major nations were consolidating their territory and setting the precedents that would govern much of Terran interstellar diplomacy in the coming centuries.

The era stops with the end of the Union expansion that characterises it in 3755, the end of the frontier revolution.