Things to keep in mind

-The setting is not limited to the Terran Sphere.
While it's tempting to list the history of a technology or concept, take into account it was likely discovered independantly by other species before the Enlightenment. A certain level of doing this can be explained by wiki being focussed on the Terran Sphere due to being writen by humans, in english, but it's worth stating there's more out there.

-Consistency is important.
We're building a setting here, this means that consistency is one of the only hard rules. If you use, say, black holes for an example of something, be sure to look at the black hole page for any contradicting canon. If the black hole page mentions no artificial stable black holes have ever been created, and you mention a large artificial stable black hole as the remnants of some huge disaster, the canon will become self contradicting, which we don't want.

-This is the far future.
For the moment, the present day in the EU setting is somewhere in 5500 CE. This means that it's three and a half millenia into the future. This in turn means that certain things will have changed. This includes languages, names, politics, etc. Cultures we see as completely seperate will have merged and divided again, possibly several times. Therefore, expect to see names like John Nguno Vladivich and other such mismashes of various languages and cultures.