Timeskip plans

This is an out of character planning page regarding plans for the timeskip. This is open for editing and discussion.

The goal here, for now, is to add three major, significant events to the history of each sphere.

Current date pre-TS:4500
Proposed date post-TS: 5500
With a full millenium and a few choice breakthroughs, we can have meaningfull inter-sphere interaction going. Sphere too seperated to encounter others in that time period can be connected by the plot magic of wormholes.

General happenings

Galaxy wide

Intersphere contact, with all the cultural misunderstanding, changes in worldview and conflict that this is going to bring.
A number of intersphere projects regarding the origin of the Enightenment, perhaps an expedition into the core? Could be a plot hook for the next skip.

Probably worth considering that, although we can always add in new factions and species retrospectively, it's quite possible that new factions would just now be making their first steps onto the galactic stage.

Alekian Sphere

Consider these guys dropped until Afro finds interest in them again. Delete Alekian pages if you see them but don't do total deletion, keep a back up.

Zephyrian Sphere

Same as above unless Wulf decides to return.

Mandonian Sphere

  • Colonization "ban" is officially lifted, Government funding and support for ventures beyond the Mandonian Sphere.
  • Contact with Tysian Sphere would leave the Mandonians feeling threatened, increasing military strength near.
  • Contact with Terran Sphere would mean the Mandonians attempt diplomatic with some of the larger powers, COS, T-Corp and Rigel possibles.
  • Internal strife as people question the integrity of Mandonian Social and Economic life in lieu of more open trade with the SARs (of which I will expand upon) and other Spheres to a point.

Tysian Sphere

General fleshing out is planned for these guys. During the timeskip their expansion essentially stalls and their overextension comes to bite them in the ass. Things stagnate near the core as nobody wishes to break the balance of power, while the frontier sees splinter factions and rebel colonies expanding on their own. Possible conflict with Terrans and Mandonians.

Imperial and Tempest spheres

These two get wind of one another and expand towards each other. Lots of potential for more war, backstabbing, etc. Good stuff.
Of note is that these two spheres will be fairly isolated from the other three, wormhole time?

Mulaiskvla Sphere

Is Ash still active or will this need to be dropped for now as well?

Major Events

Imperial Sphere

  • An Empire Dissolved: After the defeat and exile of Kasairas Etresi, Sazin II Vonsachin returns to the ruins of the Imperial Capital on New Vachik and is declared "Eternus Imperator" (Eternal Emperor). He then proceeds to dismantle the old institutions of the Etresi Imperium culminating in the dissolution of the Council Lords and stripping the nobility of their special privileges. Several small scale rebellions occur ,but are swiftly and ruthlessly crushed by the reformed Imperial Military. in 4800 almost a three centuries after his ascension to the Imperial Throne he officially dissolves the ancient Etresi Imperium on its 2000th Anniversary.
  • The Exiled Lords: As Sazin Vonsachin consolidated his control over the Imperial Sphere Kasairas Etresi fled the sphere along with millions of followers. To where they did not know, after decades of running and losing numerous ships for various reasons. In the mid-late 4500's the remnants of Kasairas fleet discovers a wormhole linking to an undisclosed system within the Tempest Sphere
  • Splendid Isolation: Unlike the other major spheres the Imperial Sphere was not linked to the Rome System and remained aloof to the developing intergalactic community. However they still aggressively expanded under Emperor Sazin Vonsachin discovering for the first time minor spheres of small interstellar civilizations. These small civilizations were either destroyed outright or vassalized by Sazin's Empire. By 5300 Sazin creates a Vachik Dominated "Co-Prosperity Sphere" on the far side of the galaxy out of these puppet states.
  • Insignificant Minor Race:Since the Imperial Sphere is isolated from Galactic civilization mainline contact is limited to the refugees who fled following the lead of Kasairas Etresi. Thus to the galactic community the Vachik barely even register and if noticed are regarded as a technologically advanced but minor power with delusions of grandeur. Very few believe the exiles claims of the powerful milennia old Etresi Imperium and the existence of the so called Imperial Sphere, believing it to be a small interstellar empire on the fringe of the Tempest Sphere destroyed in a cataclysmic civil war.
  • Surprise Crusade: Around 5400 he fiercely religious Empire finds the wormhole to the Tempest sphere once used by the Etresi Exiles, and promptly pour through to convert the heathens of the greater galaxy. Due to the turbulent nature of the tempest sphere they gain enough of a foothold to gain access to the other wormholes in the sphere. Although they are beaten back by the various other powers in the galaxy, many areas of the Tempest Sphere are left devastated and the Exiles are exiled further, spread across the entire galaxy in small pockets.

Tempest Sphere

  • The arrival of the Jorros Swarm: In the early 5200s (we can change this date) the Jorros Swarm descends upon the fragile bordering frontiers of both the Brotherhood of Zaltiel and the Knesp Empire. Caught off guard and unsure of what exactly is attacking them, the two powers are slow to respond, and in many instances end up fighting each other under the assumption that they were behind the attacks. By the time the true nature of the threat is revealed and the Jorros advance has been brought to a halt, the Jorros have already taken a sizable chunk of both Knesp and Zaltiel territory.
  • First Contact with the Terran Sphere: The discovery of the Rome-Tempest Sphere wormhole in the 4600s ultimately leads to a large influx of humans into the Tempest Sphere. Many of these humans are from organisations like the Black Hound Mercenary Company seeking new employment in the near constant conflicts of the newly discovered region. This large surge in available manpower reignites several simmering conflicts and shatters the relative piece the Sphere had been maintaining for the past few centuries. Many Tempest Sphere natives become resentful of humanity for this, a prejudice which remains long after the events that formed it.
  • A Failed Unification: The Tempest Sphere forms a Holy Roman Empire type entity in an attempt to unify the sphere and mediate the constant turmoil of the region. While ostensibly successful, it manages to change very little. Might also explode spectacularly at some point. Jorros could be cause for either formation or collapse, or both, or neither.
  • Surprise Crusade: The completely unexpected incursion of the Imperial Sphere causes vast amounts of damage. See entry in Imperial Sphere section.

Terran Sphere

  • Shattering of the Solar Union: The biggest kid on the block finally goes down due to internal disorder, see general happenings. Nations like the Confederation of Outlying Systems and the Taurus Corporation expand to fill the power vacuum. Several independant system or even planet states retain independance during the expansion of the outer powers, allowing for a far more complex political climate. Rome in particular will likely become very influential. Sigma and the like could re-emerge as independant nations, or at least become home to successor states that at least claim to be continuations of the original state.
  • Wormhole Expansion: Some or all of the Rome wormholes turn out to have matching junctions on their other ends, connecting to the other inhabited spheres. First contact with nearly everyone. Wether they open up all of a sudden or are discovered one by one is up for debate.
  • Diplomatic Reshuffling: With the seeming expansion of the known universe and the discovery of several new and powerful aliens nations, the factions of the Terran Sphere begin to stand a little more united. Old grudges and past conflicts are far from forgotten, and many nations are still content to feed off the weakening Solar Union, but the appearance of so many potential new and united enemies, like the Mandonians, encourages the human nations to reconsider the possible weaknesses of their current diplomatic climate. The Rome system's fast developing role as a transport nexus for several species makes it the ideal location for humanity's first attempt at true galactic diplomacy. The formation of the 'Galactic UN'(dat placeholder name) in 5100 embodies this attempt and tries to encourage better relations between the many newly emerged spheres of the galaxy.

It might be interesting to have several competing united nations equivilants further to the frontier, as well as various trade organisations, standardisation pacts, etc. all overlapping in complicated ways so we can have interesting conflicts out there.

  • Expansion inwards: Various nations outside the core start expanding, perhaps violently, back towards Sol. Wether this is for political or ideological reasons varies. (Religious) fanatics are definitely an interesting thing to have around. Also, an event called "The Steel Crusade" just looks badass in the history books.

Mandonian Sphere

Lifting of the ban on expansion: The shift back to an expanding society is an important step, likely with plenty of far-reaching consequences

Minor Events

Terran Sphere:

  • Essential completion of Dyson, first example of large-scale planetary disassembly. If we do end up putting Dyson beyond a wormhole, it'd make for a great inter-sphere multicultural thingy.
  • The alliance between the Taurus Corporation and Confederation of Outlying Systems grows stronger. With the gradual collapse of the Solar Union, this dual partnership represents perhaps the most influencial force in the entire sphere.
  • Relations with the Keequay continue to strengthen as one of the Terran Sphere's only other native species begin to join the human interstellar community. While relations between the two species are tense at first, the discovery of new alien species through Rome's wormholes help cement the image of Keequayans as 'fellow citizens' of the Terran Sphere.

Tempest Sphere

  • Concerns over the rapid invasion of the Jorros Swarm lead to a brief but effective alliance of the Special Operations units from the Tempest Sphere's many nations. These teams, over the course of a few years, direct the path of the advancing swarm towards the expanding holdings of the Shrike Collective. The Collective are forced to focus their attention on trying to fend off the invasion, reducing the growing issue of Shrike raids exponentially. Meanwhile, the bulk of the Jorros swarm becomes stuck in a brutal ground war against the Shrike on their many hazardous worlds, again reducing the danger the Swarm posed to the Sphere at large. While not a perfect solution, it buys the nations of the Tempest Sphere much needed time.

Preliminary timeline, dates subject to fine tuning

4600: Wormhole discovered between Tempest Sphere and one of the trans-wormhole Terran enclaves. Population boom in inner Terran Sphere around this same time.
4700: SU begins disintegrating.
4750: SU civil war, neighboring powers move in to fill power vaccuum, series of wars in the Core that spill out into the inner hinterlands, nations rise and fall.
4800: Discovery of wormhole to outer reaches of Tysian Sphere just as major civil wars and revolutions flare up there, balance of power breaks. Search for additional wormholes picks up but somehow the pace of finding new ones doesn't, trans-rome wormhole junctions begin slow progression towards hybrid civilisations of the connected spheres.
4850: Terran-Mulaiskva wormhole opened
4950: Terran-Mandonian wormhole found

5050: Tys-Tempest wormhole discovered.
5100: "Galactic UN" founded in the Rome system of the Terran Sphere. Remains limited to Core nations and some inner hinterlands groups.
5200: Jorros attack Tempest Sphere
5400: Tempest-Imperial wormhole discovered. This one is up to debate depending on wether Jack wants to keep things isolated or play out the wonderfull clusterfuck that the wormhole would cause.

Possible names for the Terran Sphere UN:

  • Terran Council
  • Forum of Rome
  • Quorum of Terra
  • Wacky Wally's Terran Bonanza
  • Panhuman Association