Tormentors are not particularly well understood vehicles, likely due to the relative rarity of their sightings, or perhaps the rarity of witnesess surviving an encounter with one. Regardless, they are most typically seen at the forefront of a Shrike Raid, providing powerful support to the troops around it. Though not particularly tough, their armour can easily withstand most small arms fire without consequence, and given the Shrike's predisposition to attack fledgingly colonies, this basic armour is often more than enough. On the rare occasion one has been damaged or disabled, witnesses report the vehicle self destructing and spraying out an organic-looking residue.

Combat Role

Classifying the Tormentor is somewhat difficult, but given its light armour and extremely high mobility, most would consider it a type of fast attack vehicle. However, unlike many vehicles the Tormentor appears to favour melee combat, rushing in close to enemy infantry or even light vehicles and using it's powerful mechanical limbs to tear them apart while consealed anti-infantry guns fire in every direction. Despite these devastating anti-infantry configurations, it should also be noted that the Tormentor appears to bear a dorsally mounted unidentified DEW, likely lending it an anti-armour role.


Although Tormentors have no official classification amongst most military organisations, those that research the Shrike believe that the vehicles aren't manned in a typical sense. It is widely believed among certain groups that instead of a pilot or AI, the Tormentor is some form of techno-organic vehicle, perhaps controlled by something that was once a Shrike. If this is true, the Tormentor is likely a bastardisation of Knesp technology by the Shrike.