Tys Kril


The Tys Kril, litterally the Hands of Tys, are a collection of expansionist and colonialist interstellar nations orignating from world of Tys, composed primarily of Pontik individuals. Most Tys Kril citizens and leaders are highly nationalistic, and this is partly to blame for the current state of Tys' surface.

The Tys Kril is devided into a large number of nations with constantly shifting alleigiances, currently there are five distinct superpowers:

  • The Rin Geter, a single nation notable for having been a major power in the Tysian Sphere since before the enlightenment, one of the first nations to expand to the stars.
  • The Tyrlit Keepers, a close-knit alliance occupying Tyrlit and the directly surrounding systems. It is the most technologically advanced but cannot expand. Notable for having survived the Tysian Splintering almost intact, although most of its close allies defected to maintain the balance of power
  • The Wezen Virmel, A nation centered on the core world of Wezen, consisting mostly of a web of highly developed occupied territories connected by narrow paths of civilisation. Used to be the primary power in the Tysian region of the Scrutum-Crux arm, but suffered greatly during the Splintering. It is currently attempting to bring nearby ex-clients back under control and is gathering allies from the minor Pontik nations near Keeper territory.
  • The Core Dominion, a power block covering most of the area coreward of Keeper space. Although the space they occupy is large, there are few client races in the region, making it the power with the highest percentage of Pontik. Like the Keepers, they survived the Splintering intact, but are struggling to keep a grip on their holdings due to communication lag, border raiders and a vastly increased number of rebellions.
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The various nations together make up a rough sphere around Tyrlit (Roughly 14.5 kly from the core.) A relatively densely populated region extends to roughly 900 ly from Tyrlit, while the furthest reaches of Tysian dominion at its peak are estimated to extend as far as 5000 ly from the star. The region is notable for hosting an above-average amount of civilisations, and as such Tys Kril expansion has been focussed on conquest. As of the Splintering, Kril territory has been reduced massively, losing several important areas to seperatists.


Enlightened around 2158 CE, they have been expanding and coercing neighboring civilisations into becoming 'client' states. Currently most nations of Tys have severely overextended themselves and those few that haven't are eying the extensive holdings of those who have. War is likely imminent.

Notable events in Tys history include:
The Void Wars, in which the off-world colonies of pre-enlightenment Tyrlit revolted from Tys.
The Unison War, where a large swath of colonies revolted, disturbing the balance of power. This resulted in several nations banding together to restore said balance in one of the largest alliances Tys history has seen.
The Tysian Splintering, sparked by the rebellion of the Mandonians the overextension of the Tys Kril finally took its toll as rebellions popped up across the sphere, greatly disturbing the balance of power and breaking Pontik dominance over most of the sphere.


The Tys Sphere as a whole is known for it's constant state of (cold) war, meaning that the Tys Kril is among the more advanced groups when it comes to military technology, specialising in enormous system control ships, ground combat techniques, and long-term occupation. Their most notable technology is the control tower.