Tys Kril Client

The Tysian Sphere is home to a vast amount of sentient species, but only a tiny fraction of these were space-faring at the time of the Enlightenment. and only the Pontik were in a position to begin with large-scale interstellar expansion within a century of the Enlightenment. Due to the tiered structure of Pontik society and strict adherence to certain concepts lacking in the societies of the other species, non-Pontik were soon viewed as inherently inferior, and the factions of the Tys Kril began subjagating their neighbour species. Due to the expenses of interstellar troop transport, planetary occupation in an untysformed environment and the sheer number of forces required, brute force was not used until much later. Instead, mutually benificial deals were made with the locals that made them increasingly dependant on Tysian technology, maintenance, infrastructure, etc. Eventually political subterfuge, economic pressure and threats of brute force were used to force the locals to officially become Tys 'client populations', effectively integrating them into the Pontik social hierarchy at the bottom level, with government tasks of that world then being filled almost entirely by Pontik.

As the power of the Tys Kril grew along with the expanding Tysian Sphere, the methods of coercing species into becoming client races became both more refined and more brute. The Pontik developed technologies and tactics like the Control Tower and specialised subjugation fleets, as well as formalised procedures for integrating a new population, breaking resistance and establishing a Pontik ruling class.

Due to the slow Pontik population growth, overestimation of the loyalty of most client races and efforts to keep the Eternal Expansion going many client races and, in some cases, their Pontik rulers, rebelled against the Tys Kril and broke away during the Tysian Splintering in the 4700s.

Notable client races include: