Tysian Sphere

The Tysian Sphere is the region of colonised space centered on the world Tys. It's notable for being very close to the galactic core, and thus having been enlightenend before almost anyone else. As a result, Tysian technology is often ahead of Terran technology, especially in fields relevant to warfare, conquest, and subteranean construction.

The Tysian Sphere was primarily settled by the Pontik, who expanded primarily by subjegating the many other sentient species native to the region and colonising the major trade routes and supply lines between these occupied Client Worlds. This resulted in a sphere where the Pontik were the largest population, but were on most worlds a ruling minority. Another important aspect of the sphere was the strong belief in the balance of power, which resulted in a political landscape that was constantly shifting on the short term, but exceedingly stagnant on the short term.

As of the Tysian Shattering, the sphere has been divided between the balance-of-power-abiding Tys Kril and the rebllious Alliance of Free Clients, with minor polities either being part of, or closely affilated to one of the aforementioned powers.

Major polities of the sphere: