Uiskvla was the original homeworld of the Khtaikos species, and it currently stands as the cultural, military, and economic centre of the larger Mulaiskvla Sphere. Most of the habitable surface of the planet remains enveloped by the largest collective group of Khtaikos extant, the Khtaikos Neurome, which also includes a number of non-sophonts and technological constructions which could successfully neuronally interface with the Neurome's Khtaikos. Nonetheless, other small bands of Khtaikos who had already genetically diverged too far from their brethren to join them still wander amidst the organisms and structures of the Neurome, left behind in cognitive capacity, largely forgotten even when in full sight, and often seemingly worshipping the Neurome itself.

Khtaikos inhabitants of other worlds who are under the Neurome's “influence” or “understanding” frequently travel back to Uiksvla to re-acquaint themselves with the collective mind and briefly contribute to it. This behavior, in large part, results in Uiskvla's continued prominence among the Khtaikos scattered throughout other worlds in the Mulaiskvla Sphere. Among other species in the region, the planet is less well known except as a shadowy rumor of distant oppression — whether accurate or not, this view has remained.

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System name: Akhlals
Region: Mulaiskvla Sphere.
Alleigiance: Khtaikos Neurome, other Khtaikos groups

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 6
Rotation Period: 1.6 T-days
Orbital Period: 3.10 T-years
Classification: Silician CiGaian
Radius: 5,850 km
Mass: 4.3607 × 1024
Gravity: 0.87G
Surface Area: 430 million km2
Atmosphere: 1.2 atm

  • 0.053% carbon dioxide (CO2)

Average Climate: Moderately cold
Primary Terrain: Ocean, Neurome.
Sattelites: Takhasmul, Takhaseil


Population: 36 billion Khtaikos Neurome members, 400 000 other Khtaikos, 3 000 other sophonts
Major Cities: None.
Major Imports: Most manufactured goods.
Major Exports: Theoretical knowledge, nutrients, technology.
Primary Government: No de jure government; de facto control or assimilation by the Khtaikos Neurome.