Vachik (Species)



The Vachik are one of the oldest still extant space faring galactic species being the second behind the Pontik to feel the effects of the Enlightenment. Rapidly expanding a series of catastrophes centered around the religious fallout of the Enlightenment lead to a near collapse in their early interstellar society. Order was restored by Edasthat Etresi who united the disparate Vachik factions into the Etresi Imperium which would endure for over two thousand years. The Imperium shaped Vachik society to the point it is collectively regarded as the Imperial Sphere. Proud of their accomplishments in maintaining order and stability the Vachik are a highly expansionistic species only kept in check by their relative isolation. Empowered by the twin ideals of their milennia ancient Empire and the tenets of Enlightmentalism see themselves as the race chosen to bring order and stability to the Galaxy. With this in mind they launched the Great Enlightenment Crusade in an effort to bring their brand of order to the Tempest, Terran and Tysian Spheres.

Species Origins

Homeworld: Old Vachik
Class: Xeno Mammalia
Scientific Name: Imperialis sapiens
Evolutionary History:
Earliest Evidence of Civilization: -11000CE
Enlightenment Date: 2195CE


Genetics: Carbon based DNA
Gestation Period: <Duration of Pregnancy basically… if Applicable>
Life Cycle: <Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood… if Applicable>
Sleep Cycle: <How Long They Sleep>



Society & Culture

Sexuality: (If Applicable)
Gender Roles:
Language: There are tens of thousands of disparate languages throughout the Imperial Sphere with only a few managing to spread further than their star system and more commonly their planet of origin. Naturally this has historically caused massive headaches throughout the Imperium. One of the largest issues during the Early Imperial Era was bridging the linguistic gaps created after the fall of the Interstellar Commonwealth. While Edasthat Etresi is primarily remembered for his military accomplishments he was also a amateur linguist in his spare time. He made several attempts both during the Unification Wars and after his coronation as Emperor to create a universal language for his Empire, believing it necessary to bind its peoples together. To this end he created the oldest of the Imperial Offices Imperial Linguistic Society to create and promote a Imperium Spanning "Lingua Franca", document and translate regional dialects and to act as official interpreters. Attempts to promote the major dialect of Privakani, Frumenti as the official language of the Empire proved only marginally successful. Frumenti never really caught on with the general population and remained the tongue of the Nobility. With a severe lack of success in promoting Frumenti for everyday usage by the general populace the ILS looked to other methods. During the High Imperial Era they managed to successfully develop a series of relatively cheap cybernetic implants which would allow users to comprehend and passably speak various foreign languages. The development of these cheap widely available implants doomed attempts at creating a universal language and enabled regional languages and dialects to flourish throughout the Imperium. However Frumenti is still spoken as a second language by most of the Vachik Upper classes and is the language official Imperial documents are composed in.
Religion: The most dominant religion of the Vachik species is Khaddari Enlightmentalism and its various divisions, However similar concepts to Secular Humanism are popular as well alongside other religions such as the Old Enlightenment Cults, Pre-Enlightenment Religions, Ancestor Worship and of course Atheism.
Philosophical Concepts: As with all the other Great Species the Vachik are highly expansionistic. The Vachik see the galaxy as a highly chaotic place and seek to bring a measure of order and stability to the Universe that surrounds them. The Vachik species as a whole places a high value on personal ambition and pride in ones own accomplishments, seeing the human teachings that pride is a sin and ambition self destructive highly amusing. Vachik society itself embraces the idea that "The ends justify the means" especially at the higher levels. Thus is warfare and in commerce the Vachik are oftentimes seen by other races as excessively ruthless, which is highly evident during both the Abolition War and Great Enlightenment Crusade.


Psionic Potential: Yes (moderate-high)
Rate of Occurrence: and estimated 1 in 1000 Vachik manifest Psionic Potential usually at the onset of puberty ,however prepubescent Psionics are not an uncommon occurance and are usually more powerful than their later to mature peers. Officially Psionics are to be cataloged and managed by the Bureau of Psionic Affairs however the size of the Imperium and differing local views on Psionics leaves many unaccounted for.
Relative Power: Vachik Psionics differ wildly in power however over the centuries the Bureau Psionic Affairs has developed a scale for measuring Psionic ability to better aid them in their work. Vachik Psionics for the most part primarily display powers in the mind-control/precognition areas with few Vachik displaying affinity for Energy manipulation or surprisingly the incredibly common telekinesis ability. Historically the extreme for Vachik psionic ability is the religious leader and Emperor Lemasi Khaddari who was supposedly documented manipulating entire planets and seeing thousands of years into the future. Naturally only a handful of Vachik Psionics since then have remotely approached his supposed power and ability.
Role In Society: Psionics emerged in the aftermath of the Enlightenment like most of the Galaxy. Quickly they became reverred figures founding thousands of Enlightenment Cults centered around themselves. There power to manipulate minds and see into the future lead to mass conversions throughout the early interstellar era and clashes between these religions lead to a period of civil strife known as the Enlightenment Crusades. Widespread destruction during these Crusade resulted in a backlash against Psionics that is still apparent in many regions throughout the Imperial Sphere. In Khaddari Enlightmentalism Vachik Psionics fulfill a role similar to priests in Earth religions and for the most part fulfill religious roles throughout the Imperium. However in some areas they are hunted down and exterminated, imprisoned for life or lobotomized (the former Sivan Hegemony being the most prominent example of this intolerance). In the Exile communities Vachik Psionics are relatively well respected, but as few exiles are Enlightenmentalists they hold no special role in society though Pisonics are highly prized soldiers in the exile mercenary units.