Vachik History

The Etresi Imperium was founded by Edtasthat Etresi in 2800 marking the end of decades of bloody conquest known as the Unification Wars. During which Edtasthat Etresi united the scattered remnants of civilization following the collapse of the Vachik Interstellar Commonwealth as a result of the Old Enlightenment Crusades. Initially barely more than warlord’s fiefdom Edtasthat heirs (most notably Tepazin II Etresi the Reformer) laid the foundation for a state which would grow in size and endure for millennia. However the Imperium was severely tested during the Etresi Civil War when Tepazin's twin grandsons fought for the throne leading to the weakening of the central Imperial Dynasty and the rise in prominence of the Council Lords. Ultimately the Etresi’s would lose their grip on power and be replaced by a series of Emperors who were no more than puppets of the now powerful Council lords.

The council lords were to effectively rule the Imperium through these puppet emperors for nearly a century until the early 3100’s. When the Imperium was shaken by the emergence of a evangelical religion lead by an incredibly powerful Psionic known as Lemasi Khaddar preaching a new religion centered around the Enlightenment. Using his power and numerous converts Lemasi Khaddar would be elected Emperor and his attempts to establish a new order would plunge the Imperium into a series of bloody conflicts known as the New Enlightenment Crusades, where the Secular Nobility lead by the Sivans would clash with the Merendavi’s Khaddari Enlightmentalists for domination, ultimately splintering the Empire into a autonomous collection of semi-feudal states.

The New Enlightenment Crusades would continue until the moderate factions of the Empire, most notably the Krauth’s, and Privakani Etresi’s brought a measure of stability to the Empire, ushering in the so called “High Imperial Era” where the borders of Vachik civilization extended into what would become the march worlds, and prosperity abounded. While wars occurred in the period most notably the 4th Imperial Civil War, they were minor in comparison to those that came before. Yet the High Imperial period would come to an end with the Ruvari Dynasty whose incredible wealth allowed them to buy the throne ushering in a new era of corruption. When the last Ruvari Emperor Akash II died without a clear heir the Council Lords squabbled amongst themselves for the throne. Unable to agree on a successor they turned to violence, initiating the Succession Crisis which would fracture the Imperium into a civil war which would endure for 150 years.

Admist the squabbling Exarchates a small rump state of less than 100 worlds existed centered on New Vachik. Ruled by the Lord Protectors they fought to remain independent while the Exarchs and Vestarches of the Imperium dueled for the throne. It wasn’t until Ketu III Etresi later known as the Great managed to defeat his rivals and overthrow the lord protectors was the Imperium as a whole truly restored. Proclaiming a New Era he vowed to restore the stability of past generations, intending to bring the March Worlds settled during the High Imperial Era back into the Empire. While initially successful he died with his work unfinished. His heir though was simply not up to the task. Ketu IV Etresi the Mad nearly destroyed his father’s accomplishments out of paranoia and fear for his status and position. Plunging the Imperium into yet another civil war after attempting to murder the Council lords.

While he was quickly overthrown his disastrous rule caused the conquest of the expansive Rimward Marches to drag on for decades, which became known as the Rim Conflicts Era. The Conflicts continued until Empress Orissa Krauth cut a deal with one of the most powerful Marcher lord's Sazin Vosachin making him an Exarch and officially granting him lordship of the troublesome region. In exchange for bringing the wayward worlds of the region into the Imperium by force if necessary. While her plan was successful, albiet unpopular Orissa Krauth was one of the last powerful leaders of the Imperium. With no external crisis and an Empire more massive than ever the need for a powerful Emperor declined, and the bureaucrats and nobility rose to prominence once again.

With the frontier pacified and the nobility satisfied managing their own expansive domains the Imperium entered a new Golden Age grander and in many ways greater than the High Imperial Era. Thousands of new worlds were colonized beyond the March Worlds in a region known as the Far Reaches. Economic expansion and technological advances heralded previously unthought-of levels of prosperity. Yet the good times could not last. Economic growth slowed, technological advances decreased in frequency begging a slow stagnation which would grip the Imperium. This stagnation panicked the nobility leading to a Cold War between the member states of the Imperium most importantly the Great Exarchates and the Emperor's themselves. Massive arms buildups and races occurred in preparation for the war they thought was soon to come, creating a powder keg that ignited after the suspicious death of Emperor Corram IV Amati.

Kasairas Etresi the young Exarch of the Etresi Dominions and Sazin VII Vosachin Exarch of the Rimward Marches and Minister of Technology both hungered after the throne and tired of the stagnation and that had gripped the Imperium for generations. A contested election occurred with Sazin VII Vosachin narrowly declared Emperor over Kasairas, fearing a civil war he ordered his rival arrested, however Kasairas escaped to Privakani with most of his followers and declared himself Emperor several weeks later. Declared an outlaw and usurper by Sazin VII Vosachin Kasairas and his supporters were now officially in revolt against the rightful Emperor on New Vachik. So began the Revolt of the Exarchs one of the bloodiest and in the end final chapter of the Etresi Imperium.

After years of fighting Sazin VII Vosachin emerged triumphant forcing Kasairas Etresi to flee deep into the Far Reaches of space never to be heard from again. However it came at a heavy cost, the fighting had left the Imperium in ruins and continuing to decline. Moreover Sazin VII Vosachin did not emerge from the war unscathed during the Siege of New Vachik he was mortally wounded and would have died if not for mind uploading technology. In a desperate move he transferred his consciousness from flesh to machine despite the risks such a move would simply kill him or drive him insane. Yet through dumb luck, fate or something else it was successful. Now effectively immortal Sazin and his advisers worked tirelessly to build a new order out of the ruins of the Old Imperium. Creation of a new order could not simply happen overnight and the Imperium managed to linger on for nearly 300 more years to its 2000th anniversary. Only for it to be dissolved on that very day and replaced by Sazin VII Vosachin's Eternal Imperium ruled by him and his advisers who had long since abandoned their mortal bodies and endure as immortal machines.