Vachik Interstellar Commonwealth


The Commonwealth was the first interstellar civilization present in the Vachik Sphere emerging sometime in the mid 2300’s after a roughly 150 year long dark age following the Enlightenment Wave that arrived in 2195. The Commonwealth expanded quickly founding hundreds of new colonies, and nearly completely exhausting the resources of their home system. This rapid expansion was too much for a central government to govern, especially in regards to the lack of good FTL communication, making correspondence between colonies erratic. As a result they implemented a the sector system, and later subsectors to better manage these colonies. However over time the power of the central assembly continued to decay, with the individual sector governors growing more powerful, forming trade pacts, military forces etc. By 2641 the Commonwealth was nothing more than a rump state, ruling over the resource depleted Old Vachik system and the thirty nearest colonial systems. The vast majority of the Commonwealth Army & Fleet deserted with many generals and admirals carving out their own miniature military dictatorships and the sector governors simply declared independence from the Commonwealth. The various Megacorporations of the Empire likewise splintered, with most being nationalized by these Successor States, with only a handful managing to stay independent. The Commonwealth itself was one of the last successor states absorbed by the Etresi Imperium, being one of the primary opponents of the Empire ,but a decaying industrial base, and handicapped military lead to the Commonwealth collapsing once the Ruvari Merchant Princes switched sides to support the Etresi Imperium.