The Valorin is the supreme ruler of the Alekian Elurdviasha, seen as God by his subjects, of which there are many.

Fact list

Name: Valorin
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: N/A
Species: Alekian
Homeworld: Presumably Ferinh Do
Affilation: Alekian Elurdviasha
Height: Approximately 240 centimeters
Fur-colour: Light grey
Eye-colour: White (glow from the inside)
Hair-colour: White


The Valorin was born an unknown number of years ago, simply appearing in historical records from one year to the next as fully grown Alekian, though considerably taller than his kin, which usually reached around 180 to 195 centimeters in height.
Back then - approximately 2,800 or so years ago - Alekian technology was comparable to European technology of the 16th century, but the population had already reached a steadily growing 1.2 billion.
In these times, where the Alekians were fractured, the Valorin lead a single nation to glory, conquering all else and establishing himself as undisputed ruler of the 'Tashorahdviasha' (Tashorah - equiv. to 'Earth'). Since his emergence, allegedly has continued leading the Empire, Alekians claiming that even now, the very same person who united all Alekians more than two thousand years ago, is still sitting on the throne of the Starempire.
Some of the species knowing of the Alekians and the Valorin, but not being under their yoke are uncertain of this being the truth, or even dispute it, no organism of this size possibly living such a long life.