Varuna is an oceanic world located in the heart of the Taurus Sector, and is one of the Taurus Corporation's thirteen oldest colonies. Acquired in 2841 during the Founding, Varuna has a long and prosperous history as part of the Corporation's empire. The planet is almost completely covered in oceans, with barely 1% of visible landmass. As a result, the population of Varuna live in oceanic structures both above and below sea level. In fact, the great 'Floating Cities' of Varuna are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Terran Sphere, and a impressive feat of both engineering and aesthetics.

In actual fact, Varuna's floating cities actually hover several meters above the surface of the ocean, and are fully mobile. There are also fully submersable, and can spend weeks below sea level. While a spectacular feat of engineering alone, these abilities serve the practical function of allowing Varuna's cities to easily evade the frequent mega-storms associated with oceanic planets.

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System name: Lascarus
Region: Taurus Sector
Allegiance: Taurus Corporation

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 4th
Distance from primary: 1.3E+08 KM
Orbital Period: 334.42 T days
Rotation Period: 15.12 T hours
Classification: Ferrinean CiPelagic
Radius: 7330.1 Km
Mass: 9.2E+24Kg
Gravity: 1.16G
Surface Area:
Atmosphere: 2.730 Atmospheres (Nitrogen/Oxygen/Helium)
Average Climate: Temperate
Primary Terrain: Ocean
Satellites: None


Population: Mainly Human
Major Cities: Neptune City (Capital), Sobek, Daucina, Galene, Aegaeon
Major Imports:
Major Exports:
Primary Government: Taurus Corporation Planetary Headquarters