Venus is the second nearest planet to Sol in the Solar System.

It has long been considered one of the most uninhabitable worlds of the inner solar system, however, it is currently being terraformed, and colonists are gradually arriving now the crushingly dense atmosphere has been taken care of.

Data Panel


System name: Sol
Region: Terran Sphere, Core
Allegiance: Solar Union

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: II
Distance from primary: 0.8 AU
Orbital Period: 225 days
Rotation Period: 243 days
Classification: Ferinnean EuGaian (Previously Ferinnean Cytherean)
Radius: 6,052 km
Mass: 4.868 5×10^24 kg
Gravity: 0.9 g
Surface Area: 4.60×10^8 km2
Atmosphere: 2 atm
10% O2
50% CO2
40% N2
Average Climate:
Primary Terrain: Plains, grasslands
Sattelites: None


Population: Terran
Major Cities: Artemis City, Aphrodite, Spite
Major Imports: terraforming equipment, water
Major Exports: carbon and nitrogen based products
Primary Government: Solar Union


1962 CE: First flyby by artificial probe