Vesta (Old Vachik)


The First Planet in the Old Vachik system Vesta is a hothouse, orbiting incredibly close to its parent star. However this put the planet in a prime position in the early Vachik Interstellar Commonwealth as it became one of the primary industrial centers and held a monopoly on the early antimatter industry. However due to the intense heat & radiation, the entire population lives in highly shielded underground cities with aboveground installations manned primarily by robotic or teleo-operated workers. While long past its glory days, Vesta is still the backbone of the local sub-sectors antimatter industry.

Data Panel

Orbital Data

Orbital Position: First
Orbital Distance: 34535448
Orbital Period: 34 Days 5 Hours
Eccentricity: 0.0113
Inclinations: 2.1729 degrees
Ascending Node: 222.1044 degrees
Periapis Angle: 107.7502 degrees
Time Past Periapis: 19 Days
Rotation Speed: 766.6918 Hours
Axial Tilt: 35.3991 degrees

Planetary Data

Density: 0.8
Radius: 3183 km
Mass: 1.0806 × 1020
Surface Area: 127,251,501 km
Surface Gravity: 0.399239 G
Escape Velocity: 4.992 km/s
Geostationary Orbit: 197,065 km
Albedo: 0.33
Mean Temp: 725 Kelvin
Atmosphere Makeup: No Atmosphere


Population: Approx. 10,200,000 Vachik
Major Cities: Sares Hold
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Volatiles
Major Industries: Antimatter Production, Heavy Industry, Heavy Element Mining, Energy
Primary Government: Etresi Imperium,


-Vesta was one of the first planets discovered by ancient Vachik astronomers being named after one of the ancient gods of fire. However little was known about the planet itself until a series of probes launched roughly a decade before the Enlightenment reached the planet and mapped and landed on its surface, and disproved the general assumption that Vesta was tidally locked the Home Star simply having an incredibly slow rotation. In addition the probes discovered large deposits of metals and a surface scarred with many asteroid impacts likely originating from the combined Inner & Outer Belt. Colonization was declared impossible due to the incredibly high temperatures, rendering the planet inhabitable to Vachik colonization, instead being present to a modest robotic mining industry & relatively small scale solar power collection. It wasn't until the Antimatter Boom following in the development of new technologies relating to particle accelerators, radiation shielding and the creation of the first practical Antimatter-Fusion engine did the colonization of Vesta become both feasible and profitable. Within decades Vesta went from an unpopulated backwater to a thriving boomtown maintaining an almost complete monopoly on the Commonwealths early antimatter industry. A stranglehold it would hold, until the Commonwealths collapse in the 2700's. However ever since the inception of the Etresi Imperium Vesta has begun a steady slide into irrelevance in face on new competitors.-