Viper Class Fighter Drone

The Viper Class is an ubiquitous presence in the Taurus Corporation Fleet. It is the mainline fighter of Corporation space forces and fulfils a variety of roles within the fleet. It is a typical first response to scramble Vipers when a Corporation vessel or orbital facility is assaulted. Quite often, this simple response is enough suppress an unprepared attacker, allowing heavier vessels to move in for the kill.


Name/Designation: Viper Class
Class: Fighter Drone
Manufacturer: Taurus Corporation Shipyards
First Produced: 4132CE
Retired/Decommissioned: N/A
Crew: None
Weapons: 2x Inflecto Gatling Pulse Lasers, 24x restockable 'Schism' Light Missile silos.
Plating: 1 meter thick Contegothelial plating

  • Length:13.6m
  • Width:7.4m

Role in the Fleet

The Viper Class MKI first saw military service in 4132CE to replace the outdate manned fighter craft that was the Avidity Class Fighter. Though a controversial decision at the time, the Viper Class and its many future models proved to be an excellent replacement for human manned fighter craft, as well as being a considerably cheaper alternative.