Void System

Fact list

System name: Void
Traditional names: Moore, CT-SAG-8765612
Region: Terran Sphere, Sagatarius constellation, 600 ly from Sol
Allegiance: None, formerly Moorian Combine

Stellar class: N/A, formerly G8V
Secondary components: None
Planetary system: None, formerly:

  • Potential, asteroid belt
  • Alan, Epistellar MesoJovian
    • Leap, Ymerian Hepheastian

Description and history

Moore, or as it is known today, Void, is one of the most infamous systems of the Terran Sphere. The system itself was a relatively poor target for colonisation, with a medium asteroid belt a single hot Jupiter, and the surface of the only body that could be considered habitable, Alan, was molten over half the time. However, this inhospitably was the very reason it was colonised, as the colonists were hoping not to be found. The system was settled in 3256, and the colony steadily grew mostly by it's own population growth and a few rare immigrants invited from outsystem.

The Moorian Combine began a large program of genetic engineering and cybernetic enhancement, pushing the technology beyond the limits placed on it in the rest of the Terran Sphere at the time, they sought to start off a technological singularity where the intelligence of the population could be increased exponentially as ever more advanced brain enhancements allowed for the creation of even more advanced enhancements. Although progress was slow and there were many setbacks, the program started paying off around 3400, and the hidden civilisation thrived.

Around 3500 rumours began appearing in nearby colonies about aliens after star charting efforts near the system were instructed to not come closer than 10 lightyears from the system by ships of an unknown class and make. When a strike force was finally dispatched to investigate the system in 3510, they were repelled by attackers using highly precise short-range ftl jumps and refusing the communicate. Many considered this a confirmation of the rumours.

In 3512, a larger fleet was sent in that overwhelmed the mysterious craft and managed to capture a small number intact, discovering that each vessel had an extremely small crew of highly cyborged humanoids of unknown origin wired directly into the ship's control systems. Again, many considered the alien hypotheses confirmed until the Moorian Combine announced it's existence publicly later that year, stating their achievements in the field of human enhancement and once again declaring the system off-limits except for limited diplomatic relations. Local authorities complied.

This state of affairs remained until in 3576 the Combine requested a connection with the jump gate network for the purposes of technology trade, the prospects of lucrative trade led to its construction in 3590. Although travel in and out of the system was still limited, knowledge began to trickle out of the system. Although most of the early data had already been discovered independently elsewhere in the Terran Sphere, several important innovations can be traced back to Moore. Notably, the Moorians did not expect science in return, but large amounts of advanced industrial supplies, giving no explanation.

In 3690, exactly a Terran century after the opening of the gate link, all communications from the system ceased without warning, ships sent to investigate did not return, ships sent to nearby space reported unusually large jump deviation away from the system, which remained unexplained until 3694, when a ship four light years from the star saw it go out, later observations have confirmed that the star, its system and its gravity well have disappeared entirely. No plausible explanation has been found to this day.