Voxel Assembly

Voxel assembly is a method of construction that utilizes semi-autonomous cubes of various sizes arranged electromagnetically.

Known examples

Keequay Collective

In the Terran Sphere, the Keequay were the pioneers of this technology despite their initially inferior technology base upon contact. The influx of new design principles and superior materials science are credited with it's development.

Keequay voxel assembly utilizes large numbers of dense, small cubes - some as small as 25 nanometers in size - which function independently based on various stimuli, almost always specific electromagnetic fields. They are made of a metamaterial that, itself, is an extremely hard, perfect insulator. Inside each cube is a superconducting, crystalline, monomolecular, solid-state antenna, memory, and processor unit. Each of the six faces of the cube are a separate electromagnet itself whose properties (such as field strength and precise direction) can be minutely controlled and powered by a central system.

This allows the latest generation of Keequay deep space and orbital infrastructure unprecedented versatility.