Wthp Shell

A Wthp shell is a stellar construct of Lilithim design. Humans would refer to them as "Dyson swarms", and their construction took thousands of years to complete. To date, only thirteen Wthp shells have been constructed, though a great deal more exist in their infant stages.

Wthp shells are comprised of a vast number of Wthpships, arranged in a complex floating arrangement. An indeterminate number of Wthpships band together into "shapes" which travel together in formation, while a number of "shapes" may form together into a "pattern". Multiple "patterns" will sit together at the same distance from the parent star, forming a "layer". A Wthp shell is comprised of multiple "layers", arranged so that the greatest possible amount of sunlight is absorbed. The exact arrangement of "shapes", "patterns", and "layers" is fluid, and gradually shifts over time as according to the needs of both the individual Wthpships and the Wthp shell as a whole.

A Wthp shell is capable of supporting trillions of Lilithim.

All thirteen Wthp shells created by the Lilithim before the Enlightenment were destroyed by the Iolons, who deployed swarm munitions and self-replicating shrapnel to gut as many Wthpships as possible. The remains of these Wthp shells are known as "Graveyards" (such as the Ithwithp Graveyard), and are home to only scattered survivors who desperately scavenge the wreckage to eke out a living.