The Zaltiel are a species indigenous to the planet Ondan, located in the Irori system of the Tempest Sphere. They are a peculiar species in that they have always possessed a noticeable degree of psionic power. In the wake of the Enlightenment, this somewhat minor psionic sensitivity was increased dramatically across the species, to the point where most Zaltiel naturally possessed what the psionics of other species could only rarely attain. Capitalising on one of the few potential military strengths their species now possessed, biotech firms on Ondan began to produce so called psionic amplifiers, or 'amps'. These amps could be used to enhance a number of psionic traits amongst the Zaltiel and amps of varying degrees of power and complexity were released for sale both to the public and to the military. Through the translucent skin of the Zaltiel, it is often possible to see the glow of the amps dotted across their neural network.

Species Origins

Homeworld: Ondan
Class: tba
Scientific Name: tba
Evolutionary History: tba
Earliest Evidence of Civilization: tba
Enlightenment Date:tba


Anatomy: Ondan is a very dark world even by day, and has nights which last many times longer than those Earth. The Zaltiel themselves spent very little time on the surface anyway during their evolution (often sheltering and hunting in Ondan's massive cave systems) and as a result, their skin lacks any sort of pigmentation, giving it a near transparent appearance. In addition, the low light levels on Ondan put very little selective pressure on species to evolve eyes, or any sort of photoreceptor at all. The Zaltiel conform to this ideal as well, and lack any form of recognisable eye. While the Zaltiel do possess a mouth like orifice on what could be considered their head, it is not easily seen.
Physiology: The tall, gangly appearance of the Zaltiel would seem a disadvantage in most cave like environments, but the caves on Ondan are remarkably large, and coupled with the Zaltiel's amazing flexibility, their frame allows them to move quickly and gracefully move through the environment. They navigate their surrounding through the use of what appears to be a psionic ability similar to sonar.
Genetics: Carbon Based DNA
Reproduction: The transfer of genetic material takes place via selectively permeable membranes on a Zaltiel's skin. These membranes become receptive to genetic exchange during periods strong emotional connetion between partners, but is only viable between males and females as the females then carries the young. This confers a greater degree of control of fertilisation to the Zaltiel than some other species.
Gestation Period: tba
Life Cycle: tba
Diet: Omnivore
Sleep Cycle: Around 5 hours. Zaltiel lack a light based circadian rhythm given their subterranean evolution.


Overview: The Zaltiel are a very placid, diplomatic species on a personal and political level, often to a degree that other species may find irritating. Emotional outbursts are rare, and the Zaltiel are keen to express the virtues of keeping one's emotions in check. This is largely due to the danger of an emotional outburst amongst an entirely psionic species.

Society & Culture

Sexuality: Given the degree of control the Zaltiel have over their reproductive capabilities, sex as many races know it is not a concept that the Zaltiel are familiar with. Sex is not a recreational activity for them and is only engaged in by heterosexual couples.
Gender Roles: Physically, difference between genders are not plentiful and this is reflected in Zaltiel society. Given that psionic ability is one of the most respected traits in Zaltiel society, either males or females can become respected and powerful individuals.
Language: Zaltola
Art/Music: The Zaltiel possess no ears nor eyes, so artwork in their society is largely based around sculptures. The subject of this art varies greatly, but the Zaltiel form is a popular theme.
Religion: Early Zaltiel worshiped the moons of their world as gods, believing them to fight off the harmful god that was in fact the planet's local star. As society evolved and the Zaltiel gained an advanced understanding of astronomy, this religion was debunked and nothing rose to replace it.
Philosophical Concepts: Psionic ability is an important part of Zaltiel culture. Powerful psionics are respected amongst their peers, but a control of one's abilities is seen as most important of all. Powerful psionics who show disregard for this caution towards their abilities are reprimanded harshly.


Psionic Potential: Yes
Rate of Occurrence: Very Common, almost 100% of the population
Relative Power: High
Role In Society: Various