Zaltiel War Of Independence

3567CE - The Zaltiel declares their Independence from the Knesp Empire, the Brotherhood of Zaltiel is established as a result.

3568CE, 1st Day - Knesp Battlegroup "Lexicon", numbering a dozen starships and 10,000 Knesp Armoured Core units arrive in the Zaltiel Home system. The force begins to mobilize their ground-side assets on Ondan.

3568CE 34th Day - Although unable to match the Knesp's orbital assets, the Knesp battlegroup found it almost impossible to retake many of the system's planetary colonies, having underestimated the combat effectiveness of the Zaltiel's psionic capabilities.

3568CE 56th Day -The Knesp, in desperation, and after receiving 30% casualties ground-side, began thorough bombardment of several key concentrations of targets, Civilian and Military.

3568CE 62nd Day- In response, the Zaltiel infiltrate and cripple the Knesp command vessel, effective halting their extermination of Zaltiel colonies.

3568CE 74 Day- The Knesp leader, Force Commander Karion, moves his Ensign to the Cruiser Discovery due to his flagship being disabled and proceeds to set up a meeting place where the he can meet the Civilian and Millitary Leaders of the Zaltiel.

3568CE 77th Day- The Zaltiel sent several emissaries to meet with the Knesp Commander. The Force Commander insisted that the Zaltiel should halt resistance and allow the Knesp to re-take the planet, lest there be more civilian casualties. The Zaltiel replied in disbelief that the was Knesp mad, since his flagship was disabled the Zaltiel knew his hold on the situation has been weakened considerably. The General leaves with no results to show for the talks.

3568CE 89th Day- Kalto Province, a tiny island on the planet, also the last Knesp enclave was overrun by a Zaltiel Counter-attack. Due to this Knesp groundside assets had to be withdrawn fully, and the Battlegroup Lexicon had finally received communications from the Army Command to withdraw. When the Knesp left the system, the Zaltiel began to rejoice, and the rebuilding process began.

4281CE - The Knesp Government, taking 783 years to do so, finally issue an official apology to the people of the Brotherhood of Zaltiel for the atrocities caused in the war for Independence, including the genocide that took place when the Knesp Battlegroup commanders chose civilian concentrations as targets for the orbital bombardment.