Zeta Reticuli meta commune

The Zeta Reticuli system saw an overflow of idealistic communes and experimental social systems. In order to make the peace most of these sought a reality, the meta-commune was established to provide a unified face to present to the outside galaxy.



Star Systems: 2

  • Planets
  • Moons
  • Space stations


Capital: Unity Station, Zeta 1
Type: Alliance
Chief Governing Body: Allied Metacouncil
Head of Government: Premier of the council
Notable Government Agencies:

Civilian Information

Population: 2 billion at absorbtion into the solar union

Species: Human, splicers

Religion: Various

Lifespan: various

Languages: Solar Anglic, English, Haven Jovian, New Russian, etc.


General Imports: SEMs, high technology
General Exports:


The Meta Commune is an infamous example of factions that fundamentally disagree with each other cooperating anyway. Although the member factions of the commune are generally focussed on creating a utopia and working together, the commune itself was full of internal conflict, fundamental disagreements, compromises and agreements to disagree. This, along with small external trade flow of the commune, led to the Reticuli system being a backwater for centuries.

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